Cargo Insurance

International commerce has received a lot of attention recently in the business press. It’s a good reminder to check whether your company is properly managing business risk in its international supply chain. In every transaction, your goods are exposed to transit risks such as piracy, general average and standard rigors of shipping.

Did you know that cargo is not automatically fully insured? There is a pre-determined limit to carriers’ liability. Without Cargo Insurance, if your shipment is lost or damaged, the amount you recover may be far below the actual value of your freight.

Cargo Insurance is a simple, but often overlooked, best practice in international shipping. It exists to help you reduce unnecessary business risk in your supply chain, protecting your financial interests while your cargo is exposed to the hazards of transit. Reilly International can help you obtain cost-effective coverage, or review your current policy and suggest alternatives. With coverage through Reilly International, you’ll not only protect yourself against unnecessary risk, but should you have a claim, we’ll be there to make it easier for you by helping you through the process.

Please feel free to contact your Reilly International representative for more information.

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