15 Most Beautiful HIdden Gems To Visit This Summer

Spring at Reilly was welcomed with open arms! We celebrated with a leadership retreat and celebrating Prince’s birthday by wearing purple to the office!

Here are some locations to have some fun in the sun this summer!

1. Valley of Fire State Park

 The park features 150 million year old sandstone formation and 3,000 year old petroglyphs (images carved into rocks.)

2. Ludington State Park, Michigan

This is a 5,300-acre park with 7 miles of beaches, a lighthouse you can climb, and 20 miles of hiking trails.

3. Hammondsport, New York

There are several wineries to visit, a condo-less waterfront to sunbath in, and a town square featuring nightly concerts.

4. Cache River State Natural Area, Illinois

Best explored by canoe, the area features 6 miles of paddling trails, 20 miles of foot trails, swamps, and massive cypress tree trunks.

5. Weaverville, California

The town features a 138 year old working Chinese temple and Joss House State Historic Park.

6. Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia

This 2,456-acre park features water falls and is one of the most photographed areas in the state.

7. Damascus, Virginia

Many hikers and cyclists visit here where 7 trails intersect including the 2,180 mile Appalachian Trail.

8. Katy Trail State Park, Missouri

The 240 mile mostly flat path is welcoming to hikers and cyclists. There is also 12 miles of forest preserves, river views, and vineyards.

9. Ohiopyle State Park, Pennsylvania

A 20,000 acre park with trails for cyclists, hikers, horseback riders, and skiiers. The Yough River also provides adventure opportunities for kayackers and rafters.

10. Pismo Beach, California

Plenty of adventures here including golfing, bicycling, tennis, hiking, horseback riding, and scuba diving. There is also a 12,200 foot pier ideal for sight seeing.

11. Jekyll Island, Georgia

The resort features golf courses, festivals, a 20th century American historic district, and marshlands, and beach fronts to visit. 

12. Fayetteville, West Virginia

There are plenty of canopy tours, horseback riding, and hiking. The small town also features bed and breakfasts, art galleries, and historic Victorian buildings. 

13. Estes Park, Colorado

The town is home to the Stanley Hotel, the inspiration for The Shining. It is also the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park.

14. Door County, Wisconsin

The state park is 3,773 acres with 4 campgrounds, light houses to climb, theaters, bike trails, and plenty of vantage points to view the terrain.

15. Fort Bragg, California

Most famous for it’s glass beaches, the town also features coastal views, botanical gardens, and local food and wine to explore.

The Finnegan Express has been in full swing too! We’ve been to Chicago, Love’s Park, Vernon Hills, Bolingbrook, and many other places! 

The Finnegan Express offers:

  • White glove special service on needed deliveries.
  • Emergency unplanned hot shot deliveries.
  • Pickups or transfers in and around  the Chicago area.
  • Equipped with a narrow pallet jack with a 5000LB capacity and two hand trucks.
  • Completes standard airport transfers.