Causes We Are Passionate About

For the past 12 years, Reilly International has a proud tradition of adopting residents from Clearbrook in order to fulfill their Christmas wishes. Clearbrook provides opportunities for meaningful work to their adult residents who have developmental disabilities. This year we adopted 10 individuals. Team members’ contributions are collected along with company sponsored funds in order to adopt as many clients as possible. We shop for and wrap gifts from their Christmas wish lists in our popular baskets which have an additional use for laundry or other needs. We join them for their annual party with Santa and his helpers, and we distribute the gifts and sing carols. It is always abundantly obvious to us that the ‘disabilities’ these individuals experience are more than compensated for by their genuine love of life and people. While we are blessing them with gifts, they are blessing us with so much more: hugs, smiles, and absolute joy in the moment.

“We love Clearbrook because it is in line with one of our core beliefs. Meaningful work and relationships are essential for all people to thrive, and it transforms lives.” – Vickie Reilly