Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 3-13

Good Afternoon to our valued Clients, Partners and Friends,
This message is intended to provide factual information of what we know about the recently announced re-strictions on European air travel as well as the overall impact we are seeing as a result of the COVID-19.
Air Transportation From Europe
At this moment, there is not clarity on the actual restrictions from Europe as it relates to cargo. As of this writing, airlines such as Lufthansa are assessing the impact and have not yet made any formal announcement on how the ban will impact their operations. Flights have already been cancelled and will be reduced and that will impact capacity and cost.
Ocean Transportation From The US Globally
Due to the shutdown of factories in China during the height of the virus, there is a general shortage of con-tainers to be used for export. Securing empty containers for our bookings has been a challenge. As of this moment, we have addressed each issue individually for all of our clients. At this time, we have no outstanding or stranded cargo. We will continue to do that by being resourceful and persevering.
Doing All The Preparation We Can and Requesting You Do The Same
Our recommendation at this moment is for our clients to be assessing what is absolute priority. At this point, it seems inevitable that you will have to make some decisions about where your resources are de-ployed if the costs and space to transport is impacted as it appears it will be. We are following the CDC recommendations and we have contingency planning to remain operational in the event of the need to work remotely. We will continue to communicate with you individually on situations effecting your specific shipments you have entrusted us to transport for you. Please know that we will do whatever it takes to support you always and especially during this time.
A few weeks ago, at the height of the air travel ban from China we successfully delivered some research equipment which was donated by one of our clients to a medical research facility in Wuhan. We did that within 48 hours, including the time zone loss of 13 hours. Done by identifying every possible option and then carefully executing. Was it expensive? Yes. Equally, it was important.
Please contact me or any of our team with specific questions and concerns.
Sincerely and with washed hands,
Vickie Reilly