Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 3-16

Good Afternoon to our valued Clients, Partners and Friends,
This message is intended to provide an update of the situation at the moment regarding the effects on your supply chain transportation resulting from the novel corona virus (COVID-19). The situation is very fluid. Border clo-sures and in some cases lock downs on people flow (for example Italy) to contain and prevent the spread of the virus is creating a challenge. The Supply Chain is operating – but so far still intact with significant challenges.
First and foremost, our concern is for the health and safety of our team members. We have implemented our business continuity plan and have the following information to share with you:
• Our company is fully functional.
• Some of our team are working from home effective Tuesday March 17, 2020. This should be transparent to you as our systems are set up for telephone and    computer access from remote locations.
• We continue to follow the guidelines and recommendation of the CDC.
• We have regular leadership updates with our team members regarding transportation challenges. We are solving these as they arise.
• We have had to be creative with our regular European Air Consolidations and if you are using those services, we are discussing those options directly with       you.
• Ocean freight is challenging to get empty equipment but is continuing to flow.
• As of this moment, we have very few shipments which are not in transit on their planned journey coming out of Europe. We are in touch directly with you if your shipment is one of them.
• We have been able to accommodate almost (over 99%) every shipment that we have been entrusted to transport.
• The costs are fluid and increasing from the carriers and we must agree to secure space immediately, so this is presenting challenges – we are asking for you     to be understanding.
• In most cases, it is a matter of paying more for the space because so many flights have been cancelled. Reilly International is not increasing our profit           margin in these cases, we are simply passing along increases.
• All freighter capacity is still the most reliable (planes which only carry freight), it appears the airlines may begin to use their passenger planes to transport   cargo only. That will increase capacity, but without the passenger revenue, costs will be elevated. Planes operate at optimum levels when they keep moving,   they work best that way.
We are OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Please let us know how we can help you!
Please feel free to contact me (email or phone 630-319-4914) or any of our team members with specific questions.
Vickie Reilly