Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 3-20

Good Afternoon to our valued Clients, Partners and Friends,
This message is intended to provide an update of the situation now regarding the effects on your supply chain transportation resulting from the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). As of a few moments ago, the State of Illinois has been issued a Shelter in Place order effective Saturday March 21, 2020 at 3:00 pm.
Our primary concern is for the health and safety of our team. We have implemented our business continuity plan and have the following information to share with you:
• Our company is continuing to be fully functional.
• Most of our team are working from home. Email, phone and all contact details remain the same.
• We continue to follow the guidelines and recommendation of the CDC and our local authorities. However, we are exempt as a critical industry. Our team members are permitted to travel to and from work, and we are working to minimize the necessity for that. We have been in touch with our local officials on this point. As part of the effort to defeat the spread of this virus, 90% of our team is working remotely. We have activated our contingency plans to ensure your freight continues to move.
• We have regular leadership updates with our team members regarding transportation challenges. We are solving these as they arise.
• At this time, most airlines have invoked Force Majeure (cancelled due to circumstances beyond their control) on all their preferential (Promo) rates issued to us as a result of space constraints.
• Ocean freight is challenging to get empty equipment but is continuing to flow. We are seeing delays due to cancelled sailings and equipment which is not where it normally would be. The flow has been disrupted signifi-cantly by the virus!
• As of this moment, we have no shipments stranded. Our team’s mission is to keep you informed so that you can adjust your plans as needed.
• For those of you who have been enabled to access online automated quoting, we have implemented a highest cost quote process and may invoice you at a lesser amount. We have done this, so that, you are able to con-tinue to use our automated quotation tool and complete your quotations or determine landed cost.
• All freighter capacity (planes which are only flying freight and no passengers) is the only available option to many destinations currently. Passenger airlines are adapting their aircraft to accommodate all cargo to ease transportation challenges – but they still exist!
We are OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Please let us know how we can help you! We are humbled and grateful for your trust in us, thank you!
Please feel free to contact me (email or phone 630-319-4914) or any of our team members with specific questions.
We wish you good health!
With hands washed so often I’ll need a pallet of lotion,
Vickie Reilly