Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 3-23

Good Afternoon to our valued Clients, Partners and Friends,
First and foremost, I pray that you and all those you love are safe and healthy.
At this moment our company is operating under the theme of Vigilance! While our core values of Integrity in all matters, Desire to Serve, and Listening to understand are guiding us – these are unprecedented times and so our team is operating with Vigilance!
• Safety! – Be safe in our company and in the community to contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus and prevent the disease of COVID-19.
• Swift Action or Escalation! – Making sure any challenges have access to the power of our entire team. Our leadership team is meeting twice daily to address and support our front-line team members.
• Seize every opportunity! – Support our clients and partners.
Our update for today:
• Our company is involved in the transport of materials that are vital to either the medical or biomedical (research) which is directly involved with containing the spread or protecting health care workers. Our team is prioritizing these shipments. We can address all our clients’ needs and requirements. If our response to you is a few minutes slower, this may be why. Please be patient.
• The supply chain is stressed for a myriad of reasons but continues to move.
• Our goal is to get you information as quickly as possible if the intended delivery date of any shipment we are transporting on your behalf is delayed.
• If you are in an area which is operating under some version of shelter in place and you need any sup-port in navigating that, please reach out to us – as a critical infrastructure industry, we have studied this and we are pleased to share our experience.
• If your business is closing temporarily due to physical distancing or shelter in place regulations, and you need your product physically stored, please contact a member of our team and we will do our best to support you. We do not want to add needless storage / detention charges to the landed cost of your product.
• Please communicate with us and let us know your contingency plans. We are doing our best to reach you by phone or email to discuss this directly.
Please contact us if we can be of any assistance to you!