New Regulations impacting Trucking availability and increasing rates

Due to new regulations, increased fuel prices, and equipment shortages, truckers are experiencing tighter capacity and increasing rates as a result. This situation is affecting FCL and LTL deliveries as trucking companies are having to hire more drivers and acquire more trucks to cover their loads.
What this means to you:
  •  Increase in drayage costs, fuel surcharges, and chassis fees.
  •  Reduction of driver’s free time at unloading/loading (most trucking companies are offering only 1 hour free instead of the usual 2 hours).
  •  Longer transit times for LTL moves and deliveries beyond a 100-mile radius.
  •  Hot Shot deliveries which used to have 1-day transit are now a 2 day transit point. This is particularly true for deliveries that need more than 8 hours of drive time.
  •  Trucking companies are requiring at least a week’s notice for pickups and deliveries.
Please be assured that we will work with you and do everything within our control and influence to mitigate delays in deliveries and additional costs. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee there will not be any delivery delays or additional costs due to this situation.
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are happy to assist.